Battery Storage: The Secret to Fighting Climate Change

Battery Storage: The Secret to Fighting Climate Change

Battery storage is an innovative piece of technology that stores excess electricity produced by solar PV arrays. Many storage solutions have SMART technology that allows the user to control charge and discharge times to power your home and charge your electric vehicles. More and more homeowners with solar PV arrays are choosing to install battery storage to boost their savings by using stored electricity to avoid paying higher prices for using electricity from the grid at peak times.

The battery storage market is expected to increase by 12% by 2025 with 7% of the world’s energy capacity being made up by battery storage by 2040. The increase in the use of this technology has been pushed by large investments by companies such as Dyson & Tesla.

Different countries are adapting to the use of battery storage for various reasons. In South Australia, energy storage solutions are being trialled to avoid power outages. In the event of a power outage, the battery storage would power homes while the issues with the electricity grid are repaired.

As more countries research and invest in battery storage they are aiding the combat against climate change as battery storage reduces carbon emissions from the generation of electricity from the grid.

Battery storage is the perfect addition to solar PV arrays at home or at work to help reduce electricity bills and with some solutions ease of mind, that should there be a power cut your appliances will still be powered.

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