Green Grid: The Battery Storage Boom

Green Grid: The Battery Storage Boom

Recent years have seen an increased application of battery storage solutions in residential and commercial settings.

One of the most recent commercial projects features the installation of 6 Tesla Megapacks in Dorset. The packs will store green energy and transfer this stored electricity to and from the grid to offset reliance on non-renewable energy sources. The batteries have a combined capacity of 15 MWh.

The project aims to highlight the economic and technical benefits of battery storage and assist the UK’s sustainable energy programme.

Renewable energy installations are expected to increase rapidly by 2040 as installation costs fall making green energy more affordable. The rise in the use of electric vehicles is estimated to reduce the costs of lithium batteries by 50% by 2030. This would help to make electric vehicles and battery storage solutions cost less than current market prices.

While the Tesla Megapack is designed for use in large-scale commercial settings, homeowners can make use of the Tesla Powerwall. A battery storage solution designed for residential and small-scale commercial applications. The Powerwall has a range of features and up to ten Powerwall’s can be stacked together for use!

Features of the Tesla Powerwall include:

  • Weatherproof (suitable for indoor and outdoor installation)
  • Peace of Mind (automatically restores power during a power outage using stored electricity)
  • Grid Independence (reduce reliance on the grid by storing excess electricity generated by solar PV)
  • Tesla App (control charge/discharge time & more using the Tesla app)

UCS Renewables are certified installers of the Tesla Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall is available on our Shopify store*.

* £300 upfront deposit, final balance to be paid upon completion of installation. Final installation cost subject to site survey.

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