UCS Grid & Go Campaign

UCS Grid & Go Campaign

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In the ever changing world of the 21st century, the development of new greener energy, combined with advancements in Electrical Vehicles, is changing the appearance of parking spaces across the land. In recent years you will have noticed the steady increase in Electric Vehicles. An increase in these vehicles inevitably creates the need for a larger infrastructure of electric vehicle charging points. 

Creating a new revenue stream

Installing charge points is not only a smart investment to your business. With EVBOX Electric vehicle charging stations you have the ability to create your own revenue stream. One that can be administered without the need for spreadsheets or manual billing, as all of EVBOX charge points come with digital invoicing. 

Here are a few reasons that driving the increase in electric vehicles and the need to have infrastructure around us:

  • Developments in battery technology have led to a fall in the price of battery packs, making electric vehicles competitive with conventional vehicles.
  • An increase in the range of Electric Vehicles that can travel over the 200 mile range.
  • Recent climate summits promoting cleaner air and environments are looking to phase out the sale of diesel cars. This will reduce CO2 emissions and create an accelerated demand for Electric Vehicles.
  • Mainstream manufacturers are surging forward with their developments in a race to be the front leaders in EV Sales.
  • Maintenance of vehicles is greatly reduced.

Partnering with EVBOX

With its 8 year warranty and Tier 1 components, EVBOX is the leading manufacturer of EV Charge Points, with 50,000+ worldwide; installed in 30 countries and 918 cities. 

They even make it easy to figure out which EV Charger is right for you car. Just follow this link and select the make and model of your electric car.


We're just around the corner!

We know how important service is to customers. Working with UCS Renewables; an established local business, you are guaranteed a fast, efficient installation with minimal fuss and maximum effort. Find out today if you qualify for a grant to supply your new EVBOX Electric Vehicle Charger and enhance your EV experience.


To find out more call, email or visit our website.

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