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Local Tech Firm Sets Up PD Ports For Success

Local technology and infrastructure firm UCS Technologies has teamed with national giant PD Ports to improve operations and boost growth at its UK sites.

PD Ports owns and operates 11 sites around the UK, including Teesport, one of the UK’s deepest water ports. The company is committed to sustained investment in ground breaking technology and operations. In 2017 they contracted UCS Technologies to deliver the latest IT infrastructure to keep operations running smoothly and support over 1250 staff across all sites.

Known for delivering reliable IT network infrastructure using state of the art technology, Middlesbrough-based UCS Technologies has pioneered several innovative solutions for PD Ports. This includes implementing a wide reach wireless network that now allows staff to use electronic devices from anywhere on site and work uninterrupted.

Further innovations include upgraded cabling, Wi-Fi and RFID (radio frequency identification), which uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects. This allows goods to be moved much more quickly and easily than with traditional methods.

UCS Technologies engineers provide day to day assistance and fault finding across all sites, as well as regular updates to meet PD Ports’ commitment to sustained growth and improved operations. UCS Technologies adds further value with quick response times, full project management and free knowledge surveys from industry experts.

Supporting Regional Growth

PD Ports is at the head of Teesside’s thriving exports industry. The Teesport site acts as a gateway to global markets for exporters within the north east. Having the correct infrastructure to keep the port up and running is imperative. Downtime simply isn’t feasible without significant consequence, and keeping the infrastructure of one of the largest container ports in the north running is no mean feat for UCS.

PD Ports was honoured in 2017 with a global award for excellence and innovation for its Teesport site. Navis gave the award for PD Ports’ commitment to continuous innovation that delivers greater efficiencies and further enhances visibility across its operational platform. UCS Technologies is proud to be part of these improvements, which led to the substantial benefits of improved vessel productivity and reduced truck turnaround times.

Despite many local successes, the economy is set to face more challenges. With a Brexit deal agreed, the future of imports and exports is as yet unclear, with trade deals next in line to be scrutinised. As of 2017, more than half of north east exports are destined for Europe. The possibility of giving Teesport free port status adds hope – this would essentially allow raw materials to be imported, manufactured and exported all while avoiding standard import and export taxes.

With the challenges ahead, it’s reassuring that PD Ports and the thousands of companies it serves can rely on secure IT infrastructure to keep operations running.

Meanwhile, this core hub of the regional economy can rest easy, at least when it comes to its logistical infrastructure.

UCS Technologies Director Paul Kidd commented: “Our aim is to make IT infrastructure work without effort. Like a good referee, when you do your job well you go virtually unnoticed. By deploying the same engineering team to attend each site they have gained a familiarity and can resolve issues much more quickly, reducing downtime for the company.”

Rob McGregor,  PD Ports IT Team Leader, said: “Since we started working withUCS Technologies our logistics run much more smoothly. Issues have decreased at all sites. This has significantly improved the way we work, increasing productivity and ultimately allowing us to service our customers more effectively. It’s great to tell our UCS project manager what we need to achieve and have full confidence it will be designed and implemented effectively. We’re looking to extend our footprint in the bulk market quite significantly in the future and have full trust that UCS Technologies will be there to support us.” 

Local Resource

With its Middlesbrough headquarters and national team of engineers, UCS Technologies has the capability to implement small and large scale solutions locally and nationally. The company recently provided the infrastructure for Kensington Aldridge Academy – dubbed the fastest school ever built following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

UCS Technologies prides itself on keeping companies running and utilising the latest technology to enable clients to better serve their customers. Free, no-commitment site visits are offered to assess clients’ requirements and ensure the best solutions are quoted for.

Services include IT infrastructure, networking, wireless LAN, audio visual and voice networks. The company holds ISO 14001 and 9001 status. Meanwhile, sister company UCS Renewables is committed to providing clean energy to homes and business. The energy division provides renewable energy solutions including solar PV, warm air solutions through Solar Venti and electric vehicle charging points.

Together, the technology and energy divisions of UCS are taking businesses into the future – delivering trusted and innovative solutions while saving money on their bottom line.


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