Security Services

Security Services

Here at UCS Technologies, we offer a range of services including security solutions such as CCTV, access controls & more.

Access controls are a straightforward way to secure your office and control who has access to your building. You can also control the access rights of individual employees to ensure they are working in their assigned areas.

Once access controls have been installed, doors within the office will automatically lock to restrict unwanted entry to the building. Alternatively, individual doors can be set to time modes to allow for the main door to reception to remain unlocked between 9am and 5pm to allow for visitors. Removing the number of unlocked doors reduces opportunity for thieves.

All users will be issued a token or pin to unlock the doors, lost tokens can be easily barred from the security system and replaced. This reduces the long-term costs of replacing lost keys and changing manual locks. Additionally, physical keys are easy to copy and pose a higher security risk than token or pin access control system.

CCTV is a great addition to any business as the presence of a physical camera alone can deter crime. Advances in technology have paved the way for new applications for CCTV such as thermal imaging to alert systems to fires and to monitor temperatures as part of COVID-19 regulations. 

This technology can also be used to manage crowds, intervene with in-built microphones, monitor shop footfall and more.

Our security services offer peace of mind that your business is secure and that UCS are available after project completion for ongoing system support. 

We have nearly 30 years’ experience within the industry and are confident in our ability to provide solutions that suit the needs of your business and fit within your budget. We are proud of the projects we have completed in a range of sectors and the high standards that we continue to maintain.

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To arrange a free quotation for access controls, contact our head office on 01642 242567

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