Shop, Charge & Go: Rapid EV Charging

Shop, Charge & Go: Rapid EV Charging

2020 has seen a number of companies adopt rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging schemes to provide charging points for both clients and employees. The need for charging points across the UK is consistently rising as more people switch to a greener form of travel.

Brookhouse Group have committed to installing 13 rapid chargers across 7 of their retail parks within the UK. These chargers will be powered by 100% renewable energy and are expected to provide 163 miles of charge in 73 minutes.

McDonald’s has also announced plans to install EV chargers at all of their UK and Ireland drive-through locations. These chargers will be based on a pay as you go service for all customers.

Other companies such as Marstons, Lidl, Morrisons and Tesco have committed to installing electric vehicle chargers throughout their businesses within the UK.

The electric vehicle sector can provide a £20 billion boost the UK’s economy through 2025. It is therefore essential that businesses adapt to the changing vehicle market and support the needs of their customers.

UCS offers a range of EV chargers for residential and commercial use. The chargers we install have a range of features that can be assessed to determine which charger best suits the needs for your home or business.

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