The Future of Fossil Fuels: UK Fuel Ban

The Future of Fossil Fuels: UK Fuel Ban

The UK Government is expected to announce a series of new clean energy policies, featuring an update to the UK’s fossil fuel vehicle ban. The ban which was expected to come into place in 2040 is estimated to come into force 10 years earlier in 2030 to boost the country’s green, economic COVID-19 recovery and meet net-zero targets.

The restriction will prohibit the sale/production of new petrol and diesel vehicles within the UK and will promote the adoption of electric vehicles. This will help to combat climate change and clean up pollution in the air.

The move to electric transport is being supported by the increased installation of electric charging points throughout the UK to create an infrastructure that is prepared for increased usage. Additionally, the cost of purchasing an electric car is expected to fall to match the cost of petrol/diesel vehicles by 2025.

UK citizens will still be able to purchase second-hand petrol and diesel vehicles or continue to drive one already in their possession.

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