Virtual Power Plant: The Tesla Energy Plan

Virtual Power Plant: The Tesla Energy Plan

Exciting changes have been made to the Tesla Energy Plan! If you’re not familiar with the Tesla Energy Plan, Tesla partnered with Octopus Energy to provide exclusive energy rates. The plan aims to get people to switch to 100% renewable energy and this exclusive deal can reduce the average UK electricity bill by up to 75%.

The scheme was originally only offered to clients who drove a Tesla vehicle and who had solar PV and the Tesla Powerwall 2 installed within their homes. Tesla drivers are offered an exclusive 8p kWh import and export tariff with no standing charge. The plan has since been expanded to include homeowners who drive any electric vehicle with solar and a Tesla Powerwall installed and homes with solar and a Tesla Powerwall with no electric vehicle. These customers will receive an 11p kWh import/export tariff. Both tariffs currently beat rates offered by the Smart Export Guarantee.

There are many to building a virtual power plant within the UK. Homeowners can use the Tesla app to set time-based controls to charge when demand is low and to discharge when demand is high to help decarbonised the National Power Grid and power homes with renewable energy.  The Tesla Energy plan helps to reduce bills, support the electricity grid and protect your home from power \scuts with the Tesla Powerwall.

If you’re interested in installing renewable energy solutions such as solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle chargers, here at UCS Renewables we have over 10 years’ experience helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills.

In June 2020, we acquired certified installer status for the Tesla Powerwall. A smart energy storage solution that is controllable via a smartphone application. The app allows you to set time-based controls for when the Tesla Powerwall should charge from the grid. This is handy when prices differ between off-peak and peak electricity. You can set electricity reserves to retain a set percentage of energy in the case of a power cut, the Powerwall will automatically restore power to your home in the event of a power outage to keep your appliances powered.  You can also monitor how much energy is coming from your solar PV and the grid, you can also see how your EV is being charged from solar, stored energy or the grid! The app allows you to control how dependant you are on the grid to meet your green energy goals.

The Tesla Powerwall is available now on our Shopify for a £300 deposit * alternatively you can call our head office on 01642 242567 to arrange a free quotation for energy storage, solar PV or an electric vehicle charger.

If you have an enquiry regarding renewable energy solutions please call our head office or email


*final cost subject to site survey.

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