Bignall Lubritec

Bignall Lubritec

Client  Bignall's     Sector  Commercial

Client Background

The Bignall Group is a Shildon based, famil run engineering company which has been successfully operating in international markets for over 40 years.

The Challenge

Bignall Lubritec wanted solar panels fitted to their roof to generate solar power as part of the company's sustainability commitment.

What UCS Renewables Did:

UCS Renewables were responsible for every aspect of this massive project, including project management, supply and installation.

Six hundred solar modules were individually fixed to the metal roof over a period of just 3 weeks, a feat that is both impressive and efficient from an operational standpoint. Five Power-One Aurora TRIO 27.6 inverters make the conversion from Cto AC power with a peak output of 150kW.

We will continue to support the client for years to come by remotely monitoring the system output via a web connection. The client is ecstatic with the final results. The system is one of the largest roof-mounted solar PV arrays in the region and represents what can be achieved by businesses that are committed to making an impact on their costs and carbon footprint.