Marden High School

Marden High School in North Shields has specialist status as a Media Arts, Science and Maths College and is one of 31 schools across the North East to be rebuilt through the £4.4 billion priority school building programme (PSBP). More than £14 million of construction has delivered a new three-storey block for the school.

The Challenge

Marden High School required a specialist IT company to plan and install all infrastructure and communication systems for its new school building. As a specialist Media Arts school, there was a significant reliance upon ICT over and above that of other schools. The ultimate challenge was to ensure a seamless transition between the old and new buildings.

What UCS Did

UCS was responsible for the delivery of a complete ICT infrastructure throughout the new school building. We worked closely with the school, local council, EFA and construction contractors. The initial stages involved obtaining a clear understanding of the school’s current and future ICT systems and requirements. We also had to fully understand how the school used ICT from a teaching and learning perspective and how improvements could be made for the new building. We carried out an audit of existing ICT equipment to identify items that could be redeployed within the new building to reduce costs.

Maintaining ICT service provision to the existing buildings throughout the construction works was a critical requirement. This included maintaining the incoming internet and telephony services.

The Technical Solution

The solution deployed included a leading edge passive cabling and active equipment infrastructure installed throughout the new state of the art building. Cabling systems included Category 6 UTP and OM3 fibre optic backbone cabling. These were coupled to an active equipment LAN switching solution from Hewlett Packard. Pervasive internal and external teaching area wireless LAN coverage was provided by an Aerohive wifi solution. A Mitel IP telephony solution was deployed within office areas with wifi handsets for key SLT staff.

Key Features;

  • c.1100 Category 6 UTP outlets
  • OM3 fibre backbone cabling
  • 40Gbps backbone
  • Cabled and wireless IP Telephony
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 wifi
  • UPS protection for switches & servers

The Outcome

he installation of a scalable, high performance wired and wireless infrastructure has provided the school’s staff and students with a reliable and secure network operating at peak performance 24/7.

The integration of high definition projectors and interactive screens with a high performance, multi-gigabit network supports the ability to play video content throughout the school.

Pervasive gigabit+ wifi allows staff and students to access demanding content wirelessly. Wireless coverage to open access spaces allowed for flexible learning and improved access to technology.

"Thanks to hard work and determination Marden High School students and staff will have a brand new, state-of-the-art building from September 2016. There has never been a more exciting time in the school’s history and I am very proud to be a part of it."
Alison Jackson, Head, Marden High School

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