EV Charging

What you may have thought was a simple selection, before you began choosing which EV charger, may look like a daunting task.
Don’t worry! First and foremost we are here to help, give UCS a call and we will guide you through the process of selection ensuring the charger you choose is suited for your needs now and in the future. There are many combinations that exist and different chargers suit different cars. Also there are different functionalities you may require such as remote monitoring, automated billing, and smart charging amongst others. You may also want to future proof your charger for your next full electric vehicle!
We offer you a wide range of chargers from two of the leading brands EVBOX & ROLEC. Chargers for your home and business are all listed here. And to help you identify which charger is most suited to your needs we’ve added a link to the EVBOX website. Here you can select your choice of car and in turn will bring up the charger for you. Remember though, if you are thinking of an upgrade of car in the near future, you may want to look at a charger that can cater for this also. Here at UCS we want to sell you the right solution first time.