3.85KW System with Battery Storage

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3.85KW Residential Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage

Panels: Sharp 385w(Poly) x 14

Inverter: Sofar Hybrid Inverter

Mounting System: S-Flex Pantile

Payback Period: 7.5

20 Year Total System Benefit: £12,409.38

Having a Solar System installed at your home, will allow you to generate your own electricity and use it to run your home appliances.

We use quality panels from the top ten in the SMSL (Solar Module Super League) range. This ensures you have peace of mind that these are quality components.

Installations are undertaken by our own professional staff.


  • Generate your own cleaner electricity
  • Less reliant on the national grid
  • Benefit from savings on your bills
  • 1 Year Installation Warranty on workmanship
  • 15 Year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty on the panels
  • 10 Year Warranty on inverters

Battery Storage

With fuel prices increasing over and above the rate of inflation, in 2017 prices rose by 8%, the storing of excess generated electricity is becoming more appealing to our customers. We can offer a solution for battery storage on small and large scale solar systems and can add battery storage retrospectively.

AC coupled battery storage systems from SoFar solar offer tremendous value and modular battery capacity by utilising the AMass 2.4kWh units. 

SoFar units have the ability to charge from the grid, meaning customers with Economy 7, or similar, tariffs have the option to harvest this cheaper electricity for later use. They also come with monitoring built-in which can be viewed via their Android or iOS app


All costs are subject to survey.

Price shown is for a fully installed PV system, excludes scaffolding and Vat.


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