Custom Solar PV - JA Solar 320w

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The JA solar 320w panel is a black framed monocrystalline panel with a 12 year product warranty. It has a high efficiency of 19%. The panel is a half cell one which offers the advantage higher power output. The panel although 320w is still only 60 cell and measures 1.6m x 0.996m. 

JA solar have been ranked on the Bloomsberg top 10 tier one panels for many years. 

Inverter choices. We have teamed our custom solar with the option of a Solis inverter, or Solaredge. If you have any shading issues or want to monitor your solar pv system then Solaredge is for you. 

Our prices are ex Vat (Vat is either 5% or 20% depending on your circumstances, please read our section on Vat to see if you qualify for the lower rate) 

Scaffolding is not included

Included in the price are the panels, inverter, generation meter, isolators, cabling, mounting kit and installation